Bonus Payment News for 2024: Centrelink Increase, Tax Cuts, Benefits and Eligibility

This article covers who can get the Centrelink Bonus Payments, how to apply, and when the payments will be made. The centrelink bonus payments help help Australians facing financial difficulties. Eligible individuals, such as pensioners, disabled people, job seekers, aged care workers, students, households, families, and public service employees can receive payments ranging from $200 to $6,000. The aim is to help people cope with rising living costs and improve their financial stability.

$3000 Centrelink Bonus Payments 2024 – Dates and Eligibility Criteria

Aged Care Worker Bonuses

  • Eligibility: Residential and home care workers
  • Amount: Up to $800, paid in two installments
  • Application: Employers apply on behalf of employees
  • Payment Dates: February 28, 2022, and April 28, 2022

The government is giving aged care workers up to $800 to support them because of their low pay and hard work, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Victorian Budget School Bonuses

  • Eligibility: Parents of children in Victorian state schools
  • Amount: $400 per child
  • Usage: For school uniforms, camps, sports programs, and excursions

The Victorian government will give $400 for each child in state schools to help with school costs, easing the financial stress on families.

centrelink bonus payment 2024

$250 Power Saving Bonus

  • Eligibility: All Victorian households
  • Amount: $250
  • Application: Apply via Victorian Energy Compare website

Victorian households can get $250 to help with energy bills, encouraging them to compare energy plans for savings.

APS Bargaining Bonuses

  • Eligibility: APS agencies meeting bargaining deadlines
  • Amount: 0.92% sign-on bonus
  • Deadline: March 14, 2024

Public service employees will receive a 0.92% bonus as part of new workplace agreements.

Cost-of-Living Bonus

  • Eligibility: All Australian workers
  • Benefits: Tax cuts depending on income levels

The Albanese government is providing tax cuts to ease financial pressures for Australian workers, giving them more disposable income.

Registered Nurses’ Payment

  • Eligibility: Full-time, part-time, and casual registered nurses in aged care
  • Amount: Up to $6,000, depending on employment duration and criteria

Registered nurses in aged care can get up to $6,000 as a reward to keep them in their jobs and provide good care.

Centrelink Scam Warning

  • Scam: Fake $1,800 payment targeting older Australians
  • Prevention: Verify information through official government websites

Beware of scams claiming fake $1,800 bonuses for age pension recipients. Always check for official government website URLs ending in

Tax Cut Details

  • $45,000/year income: $804 tax cut
  • $80,000/year income: $1,679 tax cut
  • $100,000/year income: $2,179 tax cut

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