Grocery Rebate Payments 2024: Schedule and Eligibility Details

Grocery Rebate Payments: What You Need to Know

The Canadian government has introduced the Grocery Rebate Payment program to help residents cope with rising grocery prices due to inflation. Launched with Budget 2023, this program aims to provide relief to 11 million eligible Canadians.

Who’s Eligible?

  • Low to moderate income families in Canada.
  • Annual income thresholds: Less than $38,000 per household or $32,000 for individuals.
  • Must file a tax return: Eligibility is assessed based on your tax return.
  • GST/HST credit recipients: Those eligible for the GST/HST credit in February 2024 will automatically qualify for the Grocery Rebate.

Payment Details

Date: Expected in July 2024.

Amount: Varies from $225 to $628, depending on your family situation and income.

  • Individuals with no kids: $234
  • Couples with no kids: $306
  • Couples/individuals with one kid: $387
  • Couples/individuals with two kids: $467
  • Couples/individuals with three kids: $548
  • Couples/individuals with four kids: $628
  • Seniors: $255

How It Works

  • Automatic payment: If you filed your 2022 tax return, the payment will be credited to your account without needing to apply.
  • CRA handles delivery: Payments will be made via check or direct deposit, similar to the GST/HST credit.

Why This Matters

The program is designed to help Canadians affected by rising food prices. According to the Food Price Report 2023, grocery costs are expected to increase significantly. For a family of four, annual food expenses are expected to exceed $18,000.

If you’re a Canadian struggling with high grocery costs, the Grocery Rebate Payment could provide some much-needed relief. Check your CRA account to confirm your eligibility and stay updated on the payment date.

For more information, visit the CRA website.

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