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The Kendriya Sainik Board Scholarship 2024 is available on the website www.ksb.gov.in. This scholarship, part of the Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme started in 2006-07, supports higher education for the children and widows of former military and coast guard personnel. For more details, you can read the full article on their website.

Scholarships Available:

Every year, 5500 scholarships are given out to kids and widows of ex-servicemen. These scholarships are split equally between boys and girls, with each group receiving 2750 scholarships. The scholarships can last from 1 to 5 years, based on the course. Boys get ₹2500 every month and girls get ₹3000.


How to apply for Kendriya Sainik Board Scholarship?

  1. Visit the KSB website (www.ksb.gov.in).
  2. Register if you’re a new user, or log in if you already have an account.
  3. Find the scholarship section on the website.
  4. Check the eligibility criteria for the scholarship you are interested in.
  5. Fill out the online application form with your details.
  6. Upload the required documents.
  7. Review your application for accuracy.
  8. Submit your application.
  9. Note down the confirmation details for future reference.

How to Check online application status login?

  1. Go to ksb.gov.in.
  2. Find the login area, usually at the top right.
  3. Log in with your username and password. If you don’t have an account, make one.
  4. After logging in, find the option to see your application status.
  5. Click the link to see your status.
  6. On the status page, you can see if your application is pending, under review, approved, or rejected.

Students Eligible for Kendriya Sainik Board Scholarship:

  1. Children and widows of servicemen or coast guard personnel who were killed in action.
  2. Children of servicemen or coast guard personnel who were disabled in action and retired due to service-related disability.
  3. Children and widows of servicemen or coast guard personnel who died in service due to service-related causes.
  4. Children of servicemen or coast guard personnel who were disabled while in service due to service-related causes.
  5. Children and widows of servicemen or coast guard personnel who received gallantry awards.
  6. Children and widows of servicemen or coast guard personnel (only PBOR – Personnel Below Officer Rank).

Eligible Courses:

The scholarship is available for courses like B Tech, BDS, MBBS, B Ed, BBA, BCA, B Pharma, etc., that are recognized by government bodies. However, it doesn’t cover most Master’s degrees, except for MBA and MCA. Students studying outside India or through distance learning are not eligible. Also, you can only use the scholarship for one course.

Scholarship for Integrated Courses:

For the PMSS scholarship, you need to have completed 10+2. If you are applying for an integrated course, you need to upload your 10+2 mark sheets and marks from the first two years if the first course is non-professional. The scholarship is available for the following types of integrated courses:

  1. Courses where both degrees are professional (like B.Tech+M.Tech). Here, only the first degree is eligible for the scholarship.
  2. Courses where the first degree is academic and the second is professional (like BA+LLB). Here, the scholarship is given for the professional part only.

If you are doing an integrated course with one professional and one non-professional degree, the scholarship is for the professional part only. If the first degree is non-professional and the second is professional, you need to have passed the first two years of the non-professional course without any failures to be eligible. More details are available in the PM Scholarship regulations.

Course NameNon ProfessionalProfessional Course to Awarded ScholarshipDuration of ScholarshipWhen to ApplyMEQ
BA + LLB, B.Com + LLB,  B.Sc + LLBBA, B.Com, B.ScLLBLast 3 YearsOn Successful Completion of 2nd Year (Graduation) and on Admission to 3rd Year10+2
BA + B.EdBAB.EdLast 2 YearsOn Successful Completion of 2nd Year (Graduation) and on Admission to 3rd Year10+2
Course Name1st Professional Course to Awarded Scholarship2nd Professional CourseDuration of ScholarshipWhen to ApplyMEQ
+ MEMEFirst 4 Years1st Year (On Admission)10+2
B.Tech + M.TechB.TechM.TechFirst 4 Years1st Year (On Admission)10+2

Minimum Eligible Marks in MEQ :

Different courses need different qualifications. For example, you need to have passed 12th grade for MBBS and B Tech, but you need a degree for B.Ed and MBA. To get the PM Scholarship, you need at least 60% in all subjects, not just the best ones.

Scholarship Acknowledgement from Students:

When you get your scholarship from KSB, you need to update Column 14 in the Renewal Application. Log into your KSB account and enter the date and amount of payment. This is important to keep getting the PMSS. If you don’t do this, your scholarship could be cancelled and you might have to give back any money you got. Remember to save your changes at the bottom of Column 14. Do this as soon as you get each part of the scholarship.

Additional Instructions for Ex-Servicemen / Students Regarding PMSS:

  1. Students should quickly respond to messages from Kendriya Sainik Board.
  2. The email and phone number in the application should be the student’s. Ex-Servicemen can use an alternate number.
  3. Once you register, you can’t change your email or phone number.
  4. If there are any issues with your application, fix them within 10 days or your application might be rejected.
  5. KSB processes new applications from January to May. Renewals are processed all year except during this time.
  6. Students should regularly check their application status on their KSB account.
  7. Even if your status shows as pending, it might still be being processed at KSB.
  8. Students studying abroad or through distance learning can’t get PMSS.

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