$1,400 Stimulus Check Update: Is $1,400 4th Stimulus Coming?

FInd the latest updates on the $1,400 stimulus checks that may be issued by the US government this month. Check eligibility criteria, payment dates, and how to claim the stimulus checks. Stay informed with the most recent updates from the IRS and learn how to check your payment status.

$1,400 Stimulus Check Updates: Why It Might Be Approved

A new $1,400 stimulus check might be approved due to ongoing economic hardships and rising inflation, which have increased public support for more financial aid. The stimulus checks are seen as a way to boost consumer spending and stimulate economic growth. Political pressure and the success of previous stimulus payments in providing immediate relief also support the case for new payments.


Latest Information

Recent updates indicate that the IRS may begin disbursing $1,400 stimulus checks starting mid-July 2024, with additional payments scheduled through December 2024. Eligible individuals, including those who missed previous stimulus payments, can claim these checks.


  • Income Limits: Singles earning under $75,000, heads of households earning under $112,500, and couples earning under $150,000.
  • Dependents: Eligible dependents, such as college students and seniors, also qualify for $1,400 each.
  • Tax Returns: Those who haven’t claimed previous stimulus payments must file a 2021 or 2022 tax return to receive the payment​.

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