Kendriya Vidyalaya Fee Structure 2024-25: BBPS and UBI Online Payment

kv fees: Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV) schools offer affordable education. 25% of students, who are under the RTI Act, don’t have to pay any fees. For the rest, the fees are much cheaper compared to private CBSE schools in India. If you want more details about the fee structure or how to pay online, there’s a full article available.

KVS BBPS Payment Process:

  1. Log into your Internet Banking account.
  2. Go to the Bill Presentment section.
  3. Click on the “Pay Your Bill” tab under Quick Pay.
  4. Fill in the biller details like Biller Category, Circle, and select the Biller name from the dropdown box.
  5. Click on the “Go” button.
  6. On the next page, enter your CA Number (found on the bill), mobile number, email-ID, and the account number for payment.
  7. Click on the “Pay” button.
  8. Check the payment details on the next page and confirm if they are correct.
  9. Enter your transaction password when prompted.
  10. After successful validation, you will see a payment success message. You can print this for your records.

How to Pay KV School Fees Online Payment 2024-25:

  1. Visit either the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan website or the Union Bank of India portal.
  2. Click on the “Pay Kendriya Vidyalaya Fees Online” link on the homepage.
  3. A login window will appear. Enter your 15-digit Student Unique ID, Date of Birth, and the captcha.
  4. Your fee details will be displayed for review.
  5. Provide your mobile number and email ID for further communication.
  6. Click on the “Pay Now” button.
  7. Choose your preferred payment method to complete the transaction.

Kendriya Vidyalaya Fee Structure 2024-25:

  1. Admission Fee: Rs. 25
  2. Re-Admission Fee: Rs. 100
  3. Tuition Fee:
    • Boys in Class IX & X: Rs. 200
    • Boys in Class XI & XII (Commerce & Humanities): Rs. 300
    • Boys in Class XI & XII (Science): Rs. 400
  4. Computer Fund: Rs. 100 (for Class III onwards where Computer Education is provided)
  5. Computer Science Fee: Rs. 150 (for elective subjects)
  6. Vidyalaya Vikas Nidhi: Rs. 500 (for Classes I – XII)

Upcoming KVS Online Fee Collection 2024-25:

  1. For the 2024-2025 academic year, all students, both old and new, need to pay the KV fee for Quarter-1 (April to June) between May 7 and May 31, 2024.
  2. The data entry and verification for Quarter 2 (July to September) will start on May 7 and end on June 24, 2024. This applies to all students.
  3. KV teachers are asked to complete student data entry and verifications before the given deadlines and guide students to ensure a smooth process.

KVS Fee for Balvatiaka Class 1, 2, 3 and Class 1:

  1. Primary students: They pay an Admission Fee of Rs. 25, no Tuition Fee, and Rs. 500 as Yearly Development Charges.
  2. Middle students: They pay an Admission Fee of Rs. 25, no Tuition Fee, and Rs. 600 as Yearly Development Charges.
  3. Secondary students: They pay an Admission Fee of Rs. 25, a Tuition Fee of Rs. 200, and Rs. 600 as Yearly Development Charges.
  4. Senior Secondary students: They pay an Admission Fee of Rs. 25, a Tuition Fee of Rs. 400, and Rs. 600 as Yearly Development Charges.

KVS Fee Challan and Receipt Download 2024:

  1. Visit the website:
  2. Enter the student’s unique ID and date of birth.
  3. Fill in the captcha code.
  4. Click on ‘Generate Challan & Print Receipt’.
  5. Pay the KV fees for the year 2023-24 using the challan.
  6. After payment, submit the challan or payment receipt to the class teacher.

KVS Fee Quarterly Collection System:

Kendriya Vidyalaya collects fees in four periods:

April-June, July-September, October-December, and January-March.

You should pay between the 1st and 15th of these months. There are different fees like Quarterly, Advance, Arrear, and New Admission, each with its own rules. Sometimes, they might stop collecting Arrear and New Admission fees for maintenance.

KV Fees Refund 2024-25:

If you are having trouble paying online, don’t worry. Our KV support team is here to help. You can call us at 1800222244 or email us at [email protected].

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